Datawatch User Conference 2012, Redux

May 19, 2012
The M Resort, location of Datawatch User Conference 2012 | image by iluvcocacola

Earlier this month Datawatch revived their annual User Conference, which was last held in 2008. Well, sort of. It was held in Las Vegas at the absolutely beautiful M Resort and Casino, and I was privileged to once again get together with Alder Security and fellow customers. It was a bit of a shell [...]

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Use PDF files for Distributing Dashboard Reports

May 1, 2012
Use annual reports to inspire your Monarch based dashboard reports

I’ll just come out with it: you should share PDF files, not Excel files when distributing dashboard reports. Sacrilege! Say it isn’t so! I know, this is pretty odd advice coming from someone who professes that Excel is one of the best tools available. But there are times when you have to remember that your [...]

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Focus, Specialists and Bill Gates

April 24, 2012
Bill Gates | Image by batmoo

I was recently invited to write a post for Datawatch’s blog. Today you can read my new post on the Datawatch blog to find out what focus, specialists and Bill Gates have to do with how well your organization will succeed tomorrow based on what you do today, and how all of that impacts our [...]

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Build an Excel Dashboard Report with Monarch Data

April 15, 2012
A Monarch Summary

Recently, I looked at how Alder Security builds range names when exporting to Excel, and then some examples of how we can use those range names in Excel functions. Today we’ll look at the process of having Monarch create an Excel dashboard report workbook and how we can begin to easily add dramatic functionality to that [...]

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An Exclusive Interview with Datawatch CEO Michael Morrison

April 4, 2012
Interview with Datawatch CEO Michael Morrison | Image by IntelFreePress

I know that this sort of statement makes me sound old, but it’s amazing that some things in the past seem like they happened only yesterday. It was in 1991 that Monarch software (for DOS) first appeared, on two 5 ¼ inch floppy disks, or a 3 ½ inch floppy if you were able to [...]

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How to Add Excel Functions to Monarch’s Solid Foundation

March 29, 2012
Monarch Makes Beautiful Music | Image by

In the previous post, The Secret is in the Names, I wrote about how Monarch populates Excel files with useful named ranges when exporting data. Today we’ll look at how we can capitalize on those named ranges with specific Excel functions. In that previous post, the first point regarding the range names is that Monarch [...]

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The Secret is in the Names

March 28, 2012
Monarch Secrets | Image by See-ming Lee

We all know that Monarch can export to wide range of file formats, and that here the local favorite for Monarch exports is clearly Excel files. But do you know the three secret things Monarch does when it creates those Excel files that we can always easily exploit when working with that data in Excel? Adam Schanz can help. [...]

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